Lucas Stationary Livingroom Set Beige

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Imagine being able to create living room seating the way you want it. Create plenty of seating for your guests and make a comfortable bed space. This set is perfect for your family room! Customize the color to your liking. easy to clean.

Please Call us, Email us or Visit our showroom, let's inspire your living together. We can custom design this model to fit perfectly your room décor & curtain style. Order will be shipped to you within 8 to 12 weeks or even sooner. We take all steps to ensure quality and design to match your décor. Fabric and color options are available per request.

Product is made in Turkey, our products are very sturdy, firm, easy to clean and lasts a very long time, products are also sold separately, you do not have to buy as a set. Most of the models have matching dining room set as well as bedroom too.

Order details as well as shipping details can be discussed over the phone (937)-963-5058 or by email