Prag Diningroom Set for 8

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This set brings you luxury to your room. Hand details and unique décor makes this model stand out . We can custom design this model to your liking that will look best in your home. Fabric and color options are available if requested.

Product is made in Turkey, our products are very sturdy, firm, easy to clean and lasts a very long time, products are also sold separately, you do not have to buy as a set. Most of the models have matching dining room set as well as bedroom too.

Order details as well as shipping details can be discussed over the phone (937)963-5058 or by email

We sell items separately as well you don't have to buy it as a set.

The architecture of other times that became fascinating in a contemporary version with mirrors and new material suggestions.

Prag creates sharing moments that combine and invite all stories.


Dining Table (6)

Width: 79"

Height: 32”

Depth: 39"

Dining Table (8)Width: 94"Height: 32”Depth: 43"
Dining Table (10)Width: 102"Height: 32”Depth: 43"
Dining Table (12)Width: 130"Height: 32”Depth: 43"

Dining Chair

Width: 20"

Height: 38”

Depth: 20"


Width: 81"

Height: 34”

Depth: 20"

Mirror 1

Width: 24"

Height: 2”

Depth: 4"

Mirror 2

Width: 39"

Height: 2”

Depth: 8"

Mirror 3

Width: 33"

Height: 2”

Depth: 4"