Sofya Diningroom Set

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Sofya Dining Room Set, which creates a magical integrity and eye-catching harmony throughout your home

manages to blow artistic winds in your homes with groundbreaking approaches in room decoration.
A design where you will hear the whispers of fashion at every point...


Dining Table (6)

Width: 79"

Height: 31”

Depth: 39"

Dining Table (8)Width: 94"Height: 31”Depth: 43"
Dining Table (10)Width: 102"Height: 31”Depth: 43"
Dining Table (12)Width: 130"Height: 31”Depth: 43"

Dining Chair

Width: 20"

Height: 38”

Depth: 20"


Width: 83"

Height: 31”

Depth: 19"


Width: 51"

Height: 2”

Depth: 43"